What is r00t?

Founded on April 3, 1994 by Hosaka and t3, r00t was one of the first computer
hacker groups in the post Bulletin Board System era.  They were primarily known 
for their early humorous take on security industry advisories, and hosting parties 
semi anually.  Membership grew over the course of the years primarily through 
conferences and the #hack channel on Internet Relay Chat. r00t was the first hacker 
group to include female hackers as members, and became a hacker think tank of computer 
security experts consisting of members of other well known hacker groups such as Cult 
of the Dead Cow, L0pht Heavy Industries, the Legion of Doom, and Masters of Deception.

As "adults", members of r00t have gone on to found and help grow many successful
companies within and outside of the Information Security industry, but find time 
once a year to throw a secret party at BlackHat and Defcon each summer. If you 
have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them....maybe you can 
hire r00t.