r00t advisory [ LitterMaid Race Condition ] [ Mar 7 1998 ] 

-- Platform:	LitterMaid Deluxe Self-Cleaning Litter Box

-- Program:	LitterMaid automatic sifting comb

-- Info:	This advisory is in memory of "bugs" the r00t cat and
		official r00t mascot.

-- Synopsis:	A vulnerability exists in the LitterMade Deluxe
		Self-Cleaning Litter Box automatic sifting comb 
		that can kill or severely injure your cat and/or kitten
		forcing the administrator to find a new best friend.

-- Exploit:	This vulnerability should be widely distributed to
		all security experts because r00t knows that the average
		BUGTRAQ reader's best friend is their cat.

		When a feline enters the LitterMaid litter box and does
		its business, the automatic sifting comb rakes the
		hardened excrement and or urine into a storage container
		for later disposal.  A race condition exists when the comb
		is on its way back to the original position.  If the cat
		is in the box when the comb is moving back, it can get
		caught between the back of the LitterMaid and the comb,
		thus crushing the cat.

-- Fixes: 	To follow r00t's workaround tradition, we recommend that 
		you downgrade to a cardboard box and some sand.

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