r00t advisory [ Madden 97, Madden 64 ] [ Nov 25 1997 ] 

-- Platform:	Sony Playstation
		Nintendo 64

-- Program:	Madden '97 (John Madden Football)

-- Info:	Sony and Nintendo have been notified of this vulnerability,
		but do not see this problem as being a security risk.  
		Perhaps they have not seen the sort of people that play
		these games for hours on end.

-- Synopsis:	A vulnerability exists in Madden 64 that allows local users
		to lock up the system, thus rendering the system unusable
		and forcing the administrator to reboot the machine.

-- Exploit:	This problem is very hard to exploit and r00t presumes
		that the majority of the security community does not 
		widely understand the vulnerability.  We don't expect the
		average BUGTRAQ reader to understand this vulnerability
		since there is no exploit script.

		When an offensive player (with the ball) is running down
		the field, he has the option to pitch the ball backwards
		to a player in order to block a persuing defensive player
		and allow for a gain in yardage.  If the player that
		receives the pitch is standing out of bounds, the system

-- Fixes: 	To follow r00t's workaround tradition, we recommend that 
		you downgrade to Madden 96.

r00t -- we're on the move