r00t advisory [ Aunt Jemima maple syrup ] [ Mar 5 1996 ] 

The distribution for this memo is unlimited

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Aunt Jemina maple syrup bug.

SYNOPSIS:  Allows users to exploit r00t thus possibly leading to really 
bad things like abuse of syrup before purchase not excluding tampering with.

Varieties vulnerable: Aunt Jemina 24 Fluid O.Z. bottle of Lite (Reduced 
Calorie Syrup).  Other versions may be exploitable but currently this is the 
only revision verified.

How to exploit this bug:  These flavors come shipped suid root.  You will 
notice when examining this version of Rich Maple syrup that there is a 
tamper resistant covering.  You will notice it covers the entire cap and 
screw assembly for the jar.  You will notice that in order for such a 
tamper resistant feature to be functional, it must be removable only when 
the product has been opened.  However, if you hold the entire seal and 
twist it, you will leave the seal intact and unscrew the bottle.  
Therefore you will have the entire mechanism in your hand, allowing a 
clear sight into the syrupy goo.

>From there you could insert pins and needles and sinuide and other crap 
in there and safely re-seal the bottle.  Nobody's the wiser.

Recommend Patch: Call 1-800-407-2247 and complain.  Don't settle for no 
damn coupon which they'll try to pass off to you.