Hosaka - Chief Idiot that Owns You
t3 - Chief Founder that Owns Bars
Nirva - Keeper of Kitties and All Things Black
gita - Official r00t Jammer
SirSyko - Specially Trained Ecuadorian Mountain Llama
mudge - Official Congressional Testifying Hippie
Aleph1 - Badas Mojo Voodoo Hacker
kmem - Tsutomu Intimidator
Rogue Agent - Official r00t Scoundrel
silicosis - Secret Ninja Something or Other
ReDragon - Exploits Archivist
N0x - Official r00t Party Crasher 
oof - Official Elite Overpaid Teenage Punk-Ass
glyph - Official Evil Twin of Mudge
rs - Mighty and All Powerful
Ice9 - The Strawman
Corrupt - Official Jeep Hacker
loki - Badass Narc / Guns Specialist
X - Official Archivist
Okinawa - Golden Shower King
NeTTwerk - 3rd Place Champion of Retarded Pool
BioH - "Warez" Waldo
][ceman - Big Badass Narq
Veggie - Brute Strength Enforcer
earle - Offical Jennicam Supporter
argv - Offically Outranks Us All
alhambra - Offically Denies Being Involved with r00t
Casret - Some Gook
swern - Officially Belly Up to the Bar
sp1x - Official White Girl
Wozz - Official Bong Designer
snocrash - Official Poseur
pizen - Offically Questions Authority
xanax - Official Drunken Cuddly Ex-l0ck Gambler and Threatener of Small Children
route - Official Sell Out
ladyada - Official Electronics Wizard
chris - RIP
xgirl - Official r00t Cabana Organizer
synapse - Official First SNI Employee
b_ - Official Intoxicated Notepad
tfish - The Pink Web Ninja
Asriel - Official r00t Narq
drwho - Chemical Brother
sledge - Token Black Guy
sw - Offical r00t Mercy Champion
ebola - Official First ISS Employee
blas - Official MP3 Wh0re